Scan Arabia is well known for inspection and Calibration Services

We offer our customers (suppliers) unprecedented, specialized and cost-effective solutions for Calibration, Inspection, Measuring equipment and tools servicing. We provide them with our local service centers within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a 24 hours call

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Training and Certification

We provide training in Welding Inspection Courses, NDT/A-NDT Training, RE/RTO/PE Renewal, In-Service Plant Inspection Course (API) and more

Scan Arabia Green Energy

Green Energy

SCAN ARABIA is a rapidly growing renewable energy installer. We Design, Engineer, Procure, Construct , Operate & Maintain the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System . We create attractive, clean energy solutions that ensure a high return on investment and reliable, long lasting System for our Clients. With a strong track record across the solar energy industry, we work with investors, project developers, building owners who want to ensure their solar PV power plants are reliable and profitable throughout their useful life.

EPC Projects

EPC Projects

Scan Arabia has been actively involved in carrying out various projects related to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Process, Marine, cement and Power sector globally. A very competent project management team with motivated and technically superior workforce has helped scan Arabia to carry out many projects to the stringent quality requirement and within a narrow deadline set by the client.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection, whether by sacrificial or impressed current system, is an extremely efficient and cost effective method of corrosion prevention, tested and proven worldwide. It is a viable and economic means of providing protection to assets which are costly to repair or replace and should always be considered when long term corrosion protection in hostile environments is a prime requirement.

GIS and IT Inspection

GIS and IT

Scan Arabia provides niche IT solutions to the industry with established products and custom built projects. The mobile applications-based projects are in the rise and scan Arabia uses latest technologies to provide the solutions. GIS is another key area where scan Arabia provide specialized location-based solutions along with GPS. scan Arabia also assists in automation solutions with embedded systems to improve productivity.

liquid penetrant testing

NDT - Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing is the inspection of surface-breaking flaws such as cracks and porosity in non-porous materials, with large surfaces and small defects. The tested surface is cleaned and then coated with a penetrant solution which is drawn into the discontinuity by capillary action. The inspected object is then subjected to X-ray analysis to create an image of the inspected area using radiographic film, phosphor screen or liquid scintillator screen.

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Dimensional Equipment's

Vernier Calipers, Depth Vernier, Micrometers, Dial gauges, Bevel Protractors, Deflection Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Dial Caliper, Coating Thickness Gauges


Electrical Equipment's

Multi Meters, Clamp Meters, Insulation Testers, Calibrators, Panel Meters, Welding Machines, Oscilloscopes, High Voltage Test Set, Current Injection Test Set, Holiday Detector, Decade Resistance boxes, Pinhole detector, Relay Test Kit, Volt Meters, Ammeters

Pressure Equipment's

Air/ Hydraulic Pressure Gauges, Transmitters, Pressure Relief Valves, Digital Pressure Indicators, Test gauges, Vacuum gauges, Pressure calibrators, Hand Held Pressure pump, Pressure chart recorder, Process calibrator, Dead Weight testers, Safety Relief valves, Control valves, Switches

Thermal Equipment's

Digital Thermometers Infra Red Thermometers Welding Ovens Temperature Dry Block Calibrators Temperature gauges/ UTI tapes Temperature calibrators Temperature Controllers Temperature Recorders Thermo Hygrometers Temperature Switches

Torque Equipment's

Combustible gas monitors, Toxic gas monitors, Oxygen monitors, Infrared gas analyzers, Hydride gas detector/monitors, Optical gas indicators, Single / Multi gas Detectors

Onsite Equipment's

Tensile Load link (Dynamometer), Torque Wrenches

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